Hey Met Police I matter too! Why all the fuss over Camilla and Charles.


Above: the bike incident. Below: eggs on my light sensor and exterior wall

…..And not me. I was more than irritated about all the attention the royal inbreds Camilla and Chuck received last week when the thugs protesting shook em up while driving their vintage Bentley down Regent Street. Not because I am an anti monarchist, but because when normal day folks like me have a problem with thugs, we receive little help from the cops.

Case in point, some little bastard feral kids threw eggs at my house on Halloween 2009.  I thought it was just a one off deal, but it was followed by a few other incidents when they threw other objects. It always occurred after dark in the evening. If I was not at the front of the house I’d often be alerted by the dogs excited barks as they gathered around the front door. I reported it to the police, but they did nothing, not even showed up.

Fast forward to this Autumn and it all began again.  By now we had figured out the little bastards were trying to get a rise out of the dogs as they respond to loud noises. One night they threw a 2 big logs. By the time I got out they had vanished, so I jumped in my car and for some reason drove like a bat out of hell to a housing estate two streets away and sure enough a gang of boys began to run. They scattered like rats going different directions

I had no idea if it was them but figured if they were running, they had something to hide and were guilty. I was able to corner the wide eyed group who probably couldn’t believe what they saw. I mean, how often do they get to see a very angry gal in her forties doing a Starsky and Hutch routine on their ass?

I asked what they they were doing throwing dangerous objects at my door, and one of them responded,
“it was some young kids”.
I asked, “where do they live, how can I find them?”
They all shrugged their shoulders. I told them the next time it would be a hell lot worse for them and drove off.

Again the police never showed up, but phoned instead to tell me to take up the issue with the local Neighbourhood Safety Team Unit. Trust me those cowboys a’int that much better. Left message for the team and after 3 days called and left another message saying “if you don’t get here, these kids will not be recognisable at the morgue”. Two members of the Neighbourhood Safer team were at my door the next day., only to tell me it wasn’t wise to chase them down. I told them I’m not good at playing victim.

A week later two other incidents fire works and on another day a stone that went through my neighbours window…Again police came and really did nothing.  Said they would keep an eye on my street. I wasn’t holding my breath.

The pièce de résistance came when eggs where thrown in broad day light. Still in my pyjamas and barefooted, I jumped in the car and was able to spot them and chased them from my street into the housing estate where they were able to escape on to another street. Turning around I drove until I spotted them again. One was on a bike (pictured above), which he abandoned on the side walk when they saw me.  Last I saw of him, he was scaling a wall.

The bike looked stolen and had no hand grips or rubber on the pedal and although running it over with my car occurred to me, I decided not to. Again I was told not to chase them and to call the police.  Call the fucking police for what? Some times you have to be a bit more proactive than depend on the police, sometimes a little bit of vigilantism is good as is prairie justice.

There’s been reports of people who have died in fires in their homes because of thugs, even after repeated reports to the police. Like I said earlier I don’t play the part of victim very well and next time the perp could find themselves unrecognisable. I will do what I have to do.

One of the things that sucks about living in the UK is that you can not defend yourself in your own home. Me? Pepper spray is my best friend.  As yet I have never used it, but make sure I have it when I venture to the park with my dogs. After my Jack Russell was attacked some years ago with no help again from the police, I vowed never again.

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