Clay Duke wasn’t having a good day….now he is dead.

Call me crazy but there are times I really empathize with some of these fools, like this cat in Panama City Florida, who decided to vent his anger at a school management meeting.

Clearly he had mental health issues and although he had been convicted and sent to prison for shooting out the tyres of his wife’s car, when she tried to leave him, he claimed he was at the school meeting because she lost her job with the school district.

Knowing what I know about the police and the justice system, being arrested doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person. Some times it’s bad choices but sometimes it’s an imperfect justice system that not only criminalizes people but even create monsters out of them.  Some times prairie justice is the only.

As it turns out old Clay was shooting blanks, but the bullet that came from the security guard was not a blank and brought him down, but didn’t kill him. Clay decided to take his own life and shot himself.

Some say Clay Duke is a victim of economic failure…who knows.

Oh and what did the bitch Ginger think she was going to accomplish hitting him on his head with her hand bag? Surely a stupid stupid move that could have got her killed.

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