Pizza Hut’s Racist Profiling Is Nothing New


Who says racism isn’t alive in the UK. You don’t see signs that read “No Irish, Dogs or Blacks” but it’s unspoken. Something’s just don’t change. The unfortunate thing about what happened to four Black professional football players last week, is that it would never have made the news had they not been professional athletes. It happens every day and I have stories up the ying yang.

Seems like the four footballers, Anton Robinson, Liam Feeney, Marvin Bartley, Mitchell Nelson, who are black, and Shaun Cooper, the lone white guy who all play for AFC Bournemouth, decided to grab some lunch at a Pizza Hut in Bournemouth. What they didn’t expect was to be asked by the staff to pay for their meal in advance.

What they thought was a joke became real when a group of white kids came in and were not asked to pay in advance. Anton Robinson said, “We asked if that was the policy and he [manager] said no. When we asked why he had asked us, he said, “It’s the way you look”.

“The only thing that was different was the colour of our skins. We told them we were professional footballers and were happy to pay when we had finished. That’s what normal people do.

‘He hadn’t asked other customers to pay before their meals. It got a little bit heated and then he said “If you’re not going to pay the bill now I’m going to call the police to escort you off the premises”. Police arrived after the manager called to say there were disruptive customers in the restaurant. Once they realised the footballers had done nothing wrong, not even raise their voices or be abusive, they took no action, while the men decided to leave.

When I first heard of the incident, I thought it was the manager who took it on himself, then I read further and saw that it was a COMPANY POLICY!.

Pizza Hut has since ‘apologised’. A spokesman for Pizza Hut said the company had recently introduced a policy of asking certain customers to pay in advance but this was up to the discretion of staff.

He added: “We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, so immediately investigated this incident. While our duty manager’s actions were absolutely not racially motivated, we are very sorry for the way this was handled. We will be contacting the customers concerned to apologise.”  – Sorry Pizza Hut an apology ain’t gonna cut it.

What I want to know is who exactly are these “certain customers that need to pay in advance” and if people doing runners is such a problem, make EVERYONE pay in advance for the third rate slop Pizza Hut is known for. The spokes person omitted that crucial point. Unfortunately there aren’t any groups in the UK asking  this question and it will be forgotten in a few weeks.

Here in the UK, I find Black consumers are apathetic on a large scale. They don’t care what’s ditched at them they’ll eat it up. Ask black kidsto round up people for a party or gig and they’ll come up with thousands in a couple of hours by facebooking. I heard a black guy on a radio talk show talk about how the Pizza Hut in High Wycombe makes blacks pay in advance, yet he still frequents it. Another example of apathy. Why put up with it?

I recently posted about the PAK’s Cosmetics company and will post something more lengthy about this despicable business that makes millions from black women, who complain, but still patronise them. This Black woman will never.

You know what I also find unsettling?  It’s how fucking polite and pc the Brits are, especially in certain circles. Because talking about race is sometimes uncomfortable, especially for a certain group of white folks. Here in Hackney, they looove to throw around the word ‘multicultureism’ and ‘diversity’. In Hackney, they say that’s why they live here and how wonderful it is. Bullshit. Because you listen to obscure Northern African music or pick up a Roti at the Roti Stop hut in Stoke Newington proves nothing.

Personally white liberals and apologists make me feel uncomfortable. You never know where you stand with them.

And it’s not only black people. The much marginalized white working class who are  further marginalized because of the way they speak, look, what they eat, where they live and even what they do socially, are seen as racists when they speak up for their fair share of equality or a curb on immigration and I honestly can understand how some of the easily led join the BNP. If like me you make your race a point as I do from time to time, you’re considered to have a chip on your shoulder or mad. If I had a penny for everytime a white person told me I have a chip on my shoulder, not only would I good chunk of money, but that chip would be a big ole boulder.

By the way, another interesting Pizza Hut incident in Nebraska.

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