Jennifer Hudson you rock!


Shmooooooookin’hot on Sunday at the Kennedy Centre
The way she was

I’m going to do a quick drive by this morning as I don’t have time today and also because I don’t want first time visitors reading my last heading and think this is some type of porn blog.

In 2004 Jennifer was one of the finalists on American Idol. She may not have won it, but went on to bigger and better things and three years later in 2007, won an Academy award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Effie in Film version of Dreamgirls. I saw the original play in the early 80’s and played the album to death.

In 2008 her mother, brother and 7 year old nephew were brutally murdered in her home town, Chicago. But there was joy in her life last year, when she gave birth to her first child.

Jennifer did my favorite song “And I am Telling You” justice, in the film version, out shinning Beyonce.

And the reason I mention her today is because of the weight she has lost….The woman looks divine, there again even with her weight she was always a beautiful gal. She hasn’t stated how much weight she lost, but I’m guessing about 3 stones? Weight Watchers whom she is a spokeswoman for says she’s gone from a size 16 to 4.

Looks like it’s going to be the grilled sea bass for me tonight….before Weight Watchers put out an arrest warrant for me.

Oh and I had to pay homage to Ms Jennifer Holiday for song I still get goose bumps listening to. Here is the video.

The original version from the musical sang by Jennifer Holiday


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