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Fantacist – Precious Williams
Shame Precious Williams has removed the blog entry from yesterday, regarding her number one nemesis – Farah Damji. As internet feuds go, this particular one is almost satirical in nature until you realise these two just don’t hate each other but are very similar and were friends at one time.

Farah Damji


Both are women of colour, Damji being a Ugandan Asian and Williams parents are from Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Both have a penchant for tall stories, claims of stalkers and always seem to threaten legal action on the most simplest and ridiculous matters. They also both write pretty well and are currently flogging their memoirs. With both having rather colourful pasts, you would think they would be the best of friends. Not so.

Precious Williams rose to national notoriety, after she claimed in a Sunday paper she not only rode the liver spotted cock of a well known liberal journalist and news reader, but she smoked pot with him. Turns out the story was fabricated and said news cocksman didn’t remember ever meeting her. The Sunday paper had to retract the story. This year, Mr news man goes on to marry a black chick called Precious. No, not Precious Williams, but another one. This one is an Oxford educated Academic.  I tell ya you can’t make this shit up!

Why would she concoct such a story? A case of oneupmanship? Maybe to keep up with her then friend who some years before claimed two affairs with high profile men. Yup, Farah Damji made headlines when she talked of her bonking sessions with her married lover, travel writer William Dalrymple in the home he shared with his wife, while she was away. In true bunny boiler style Damji made sure she fucked him over good and proper, when he wanted to end their ‘arrangement’.

Amongst her many misdemeanors, is being on the lam from a womens prison and posting fuck you messages to the authorities on her Myspace (or was it facebook?) account.

Their obsession with each other and self promotion is well documented all over the www, with each of them posting nasty things about each other, claiming each is stalking the other and sending emails to editors or owners of websites that publish even the smallest piece on the other. Any way I digress, but I guess some people needed some background to these two characters.

Seems like Williams still has a wild hair up her jacksy about Damji and has taken it upon herself to be defender of all people done wrong by Damji. Williams claimed in the post, “Miss Damji stalked me a little while ago. Then, happily, she suddenly appeared to have got her life together. It seemed that after four jail terms she had finally seen the light and had given up on crime and anti-social behaviour. I silently wished her the best and was hopeful that she would go on to have a successful personal life and career – and stay out of prison! Unfortunately I then began to receive frantic emails from other people she is currently stalking/harassing, or has recently stalked. They wanted advice. They wanted me to put them in touch with the relevant authorities so that Miss Damji would be prosecuted. Some of them were just so traumatized that they simply wanted somebody to speak to about it all. ” Yeah right and it’s your shoulder they lean on?

She then went on to threaten, “Anyway, let’s hope that Miss Damji will come to her senses very soon and that she will stop harassing, stalking, posting negative blog articles, Tweets and Facebook updates about people. If she simply stops harassing people, I will immediately delete this blog post and we won’t have to report her to her Probation team!”

What I haven’t included are her rants about Damji’s well documented misdemeanors and felonies and even details about the new home she moved into a few months ago and certain details that prove that she (Williams) is a very dangerous wench. You really have to dig to get a certain piece of information she had, unless of course she made it up.

I had a little run in with Williams earlier this year, after she sent a paranoid email thinking she was the person referred to on a comment on another site. Then I found out she was following my tweets (another tweet account I have) using a different name and then contacted a slimmy sleeze ball blogger from Dalston who tried to shake me down for money…..never mind it’s old news. Other than that, I don’t know her from Adams house slippers.

Why bother blog about these two? Maybe it’s because Williams post and actions remind me so much of a cunt I knew years ago when I ran my escort service. So much so that I had a nightmare or a ‘daymare’, this afternoon when I went to bed, nursing my tummy ache. The cunt was jealous of how well my business was doing and years later grassed me up to vice and even tried to get me done under the RICO act. In the US running the business I did was a felony, punishable by a mandatory prison sentence.

In fact she was so demented that even her lawyer whom I knew, told me to arm myself, he really thought my life was in danger. I got a license and bought a gun which I carried at all times.

Oh and their books? Colour Blind – Precious Williams. The books website comes with the obligatory stalker warning. Try Me -Farah Damji and a review from local website Hackney Hive (she’s had better reviews).

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