Another unreported incident in Murray Grove this morning

Sketchy information from the po po, but a 23 year old guy walked into the police station on Shepherdess Walk in the wee hours of this morning with serious eye injury. Is that Shoreditch or Hoxton cop shop? When I got round to calling, folks were not able to tell me if it was a stabbing or gun shot. Any way, he was taken to an East london hospital.

So much to blog about but so little time. Stuff on Sheila Vogel (the granny prossy), my adventures being a high dollar madam in Hollywood and Texas, my prison time and why we can do without Operation Trident coming up in the next few days. Huh? I hear you say, don’t worry all will be revealed.

Stay warm folks…. it’s colder than a well diggers ass out there…………. I’m making lamb stew.

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