Some days all you need is a jump start


I’m not a coffee drinker nor do I drink tea, in fact I don’t drink anything warm, but judging from how hyper I am tonight, I just might start drinking Camomile. I also don’t smoke and never have. Not that I don’t have my vices, I long ago gave up the really bad dangerous ones. The only one I have left is perfectly legal. I drink fruit juices and generally don’t need a jump start in the mornings.

But this morning was different, I just couldn’t get it together, so after walking the dogs, I ran some errands. First stop was Wells Street butchers in Well Street Market. They’ve been around since 1931 and if you’ve never been there, I can highly recommend them. Their level of service and produce is 1st class.

Just as I was pulling up to a parking space Don McLeans classic hit “American Pie” began playing…it was too good to miss, so I turned off the engine kicked back in my seat and sang along as BBC radio 2 ( a station I rarely listen to) played it in its entirety (8 minutes).

I really mean SANG ALONG LOUD, not caring about all the people walking past. It felt good and I got the jolt I needed.

30 minutes later, it seemed the odds were against me as I pulled up outside the Caribbean grocery in Chatsworth Road, this time It was Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam singing Peace Train…I couldn’t resist.

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