It’s time Black women start boycotting PAK’s Cosmetics


PAK’s on Chatsworth Road, E5

I’m going to blog more about this in the next few days or submit it to Hackney Hive .

Just been speaking with a friend in Crouch End who use to go into the Finsbury Park branch, and like me has stopped shopping there.

I frequented the shop on Chatsworth Road and have been into the one in Kilburn and had a horrendous experience at the one that was on Lea Bridge Road, Leyton some years ago…. it’s closed now.

Their cosmetics are cheap crap and would I never dream of buying or using any of their stuff on my skin, but they are good for black hair products, that you can’t get at supermarkets, pharmacies or department stores.

The way they treat Black women is well documented over the world wide web on black forums and blogs….lots of complaints, but no one does anything and they go on making their millions.

They don’t hire women to work on the shop floor, but instead have Asian men who can barely speak English, let alone advise women on any of the products. And that’s not all, they have the nerve to follow you around the store as if you are going to steal.

And they way they leer at you, as if they have never seen a pair of breast, is enough to make me take a shower as soon as I get home.

Feel free to email me about your negative expereinces at PAK’s at: hackneysduchess[at]gmail dot com (using the correct format) or post a comment below.

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