Compton Cool VW Style

I can’t get enough of this ad, it has to be one of the hottest ads EVER on TV. I’m talking about the latest VW Polo campaign titled, Last Tango in Compton that is currently being aired.

The dance routine is the Tango, infused with East Los Angeles street style, complete with a decked out “Cholo” featuring the worlds top Tango dancers, Argentinean World Champion Gasper Godoy and dancing partner Manuella Rossi.

Shot in North London with over twenty cameras following their every move, to the beat of “Don’t Stop” by up and coming hip hop musician Roc C, who hails from my old neck of the wood – Ventura County, California.

The people behind this mesmerizing ad is DDB UK, a fresh and innovative ad agency who although on the right track, should have probably called it Last Tango in East LA . East LA being more synonymous with Latino street culture, Compton known primarily as a “Black neighbourhood” but hey, in the homogeneous world we live in, where everything is infused, what’s the big deal?

I love the ad, but not enough to run out and buy a Polo. There again there is a reason why advertisers ignore the old and favor the younger crowd.

Old birds like me are not susceptible to advertising, we’ve seen the ruse, we are no longer impulsive, we want to make an educated purchase. Still we can dig the dancing right?

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