Another Black on Black crime narrowly avoided in Hackney today

I camethisclose to slapping her. When people comment about my recycling habit, I tell them to take a hike because unlike them, I haven’t and won’t be contributing to the over population of earth. Besides, I live in a terraced house, just how many different bins can put in front of the house?

Picking out some tangerines earlier today, at my local grocer down the road, a little girl who was maybe 6 years old sheepishly looked around and helped herself to an apple. Her big bottomed mother and another woman both pushing prams with other children, saw the little girl steal the apple and just kept walking.

So a kid takes an apple from a fruit stand, not a big deal Duchess, lighten up. Didn’t you ever nick anything when you were a kid? Yup the odd Opal Fruit, Milky Way etc and then there was a certain incident at my primary school in Hendon, but I’ll skip that rather shameful incident that got me a whooping when I got home. You see, when my friends and I helped ourselves to those ‘free sweeties’, mum or dad wasn’t around, I would not have dared do anything like that nor would my siblings and you can bet my parents would have made sure we put the item back.

What got me was the precision in which the little girl carried out her ‘theft’….as if she’d done it before, so when her mother’s and my eyes met, I indicated with the tilt of my head “aren’t you going to pay for it?”

What followed was a string of cussing and yelling, more or less telling me to mind my own business and worse then she wobbled off with the other children in tow. I caught up with her down the road, slowed the car down and yelled what a low life she was.

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