The nasty little outing of a Hackney Labour Councillor

The only thing to come out of the Hackney Gazettes churlish tattle tale about councillor Louisa Thomson’s private comments on her Facebook page, is a handful of angry responses, something the Gazette is not known for. Until yesterday I had never seen a comment made to any of their stories, and this is a paper that has been around for over 100 years.

It appears cllr Thomson (Stoke Newington Central ward) was not too pleased with the service she received at a De Beauvoir pub called the Scolt’s Head, and made her feelings known, in a comment on her Facebook page saying, “we are now boycotting the Scolt’s Head – wanker bar staff and no understanding of licensing policy”. She then says in another comment in response to a facebook friend, “I did too – but rudest bar staff ever – more Shoreditch hipster than a welcoming back street boozer.” McDevitt describes her rant as “expletive-laden” Regardless, it’s a rather unfortunate remark to be made public, as cllr Thomson is on Hackney Councils licensing committee.

According to reporter Johnny McDevitt, he received “an image of the councillor’s Facebook page from a reader (but did you have to sink so low?) who wished to remain anonymous”. Is this the same McDevitt who was last seen trawling a cyclist website forum looking for a story ?

I’m not sure how the King or should that be Queen *wink* of press release “statements”, former Hackney Mayoral candidate and current GLA member (conservative) Andrew Boff, got his tuppence worth of opinion in to the article, but he did, saying he was “speechless” adding, “I’m staggered that she thinks she can get away with these kind of comments and for them not to be noticed, especially when she is on the licensing committee where her opinions matter. “She should not abuse Hackney businesses during a time when they are struggling to survive during the recession. “Cllr Thomson should apologise immediately or be held in the same contempt that she has shown for this business.”

Hey Boff, listen up. It’s unfortunate her remarks were leaked, even more unfortunate she happens to be on the licensing committee, but you know what? I don’t give a monkeys ass how much some Hackney business are struggling, you call it what it is and if she and her posse want to boycott an establishment in the borough, it’s her prerogative. She wasn’t calling on the public to boycott it.

There are business in Hackney that suck, so much so, that I prefer to go elsewhere even though I’m all for backing local businesses. Case in point. My local independent bookseller so disappointed me, that I’m back to ordering my books from and Amazon. Not only was I always met by a dour faced not particularly friendly person, but recently found out that after being given quite a bit of publicity and a free trial advertisement, by an up and coming Hackney news site. The owner didn’t have the decency to respond to an email informing her that the ad would be taken down on a given date if they didn’t want to pay for the ad. Not even a thanks for the ad, announcements and retweets. Not even a FUCK YOU. Supporting local businesses is a two way deal.

As for Ms Thomson, she has issued the following: “It was a flippant remark, which I regret making and any offence caused by it,”

“However, these were comments made in a personal capacity, on my private facebook profile, and do not relate to my role as a councillor.”

Hey Louisa, I feel ya.

Still creamin’ their panties over all the hits their site has received, retweets and ‘controversy’, the Gazette is still trying to keep the non story going by posting yet another ‘report’, which is just a selection of comments made under the previous post. 

Wake me up when someone unearths some real dirt on a local politician. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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