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My six degrees of seperation to Joan Rivers


You could say I was in hogs heaven last night. Totally in my element when I sat down to watch the Jewess with an attitude and a filthy mouth. Not only was channel4 airing the documentary Joan RiversA Piece Of Work, it was followed by a helluva roasting by some of Americas wackiest, some mediocre comedians, some Z listers and only one show business legend – Carl Reiner. I thought Pamela Anderson’s roasting was far out, but Joan’s roasting was utterly vulgar and hilarious….right up my alley. Vagina was uttered so many times … I lost count.

Pamela Stephens Shrink Rap with Joan shouldn’t be missed either. Hollywood is a mind fuck.

Usually I tell people I worked for Joan Rivers, although technically I didn’t, but I did field phone calls for her suddenly cancelled TV show, back in the spring of 1987. Before Joan, the first job I landed in Los Angeles was working for these pigs , but got to see Chuck Norris a number of times a week. I was fired….that a whole ‘nother blog entry.

What started off as a gap year or two of sorts, turned into 18 years living mainly in California and Texas with stints in New Orleans, Mexico and for a short while in Venezuela.

I had been living in Los Angeles for less than a year and was working as a temp all over the city, when I received a phone call early on a Friday morning from the temp agency I signed on with. Having made plans to go hiking in the Santa Monica mountains later that morning, I wasn’t planning on working but the lady from the temp agency was desperate, there was no one else available, and as a bonus I would be given tickets to see Joan Rivers last show on The Fox Network.

After telling her I’d call them back in a few minutes to confirm, my next call was to my closest five friends, five scouse queens  who lived down the road. They were game, so I called to confirm and was able to get to the Studio shortly after. By the way for the non Brits, scouse is a “term of endearment” for people from Mersyside. (Think Liverpool, think the Beatles)

My plans for the day was cancelled, but keeping in certain peoples graces, should never be underestimated. That woman remembered, I got some stellar assignments from her and years later after running into her, I wound up at a major Oscar after party thanks to her.

Joan Rivers is controversial, a caricature of her plastic surgery enhanced self. Her humour is profanity ladden, un-PC and irreverent – reasons why I have always been a fan. But I wasn’t prepared for the amount of venomous phone calls I had to field that day. At one point I began to wonder if Johnny Carson himself, was behind them. Who knew some people hated her so much? Nothing prepared me for the anti-Semitic insults and death threats that Friday and was glad when my work day ended.

You have to remember back then there was no email, twitter or Facebook. So people were telephoning the studio, airing their disappointment or happiness at her show being axed. I was naive back then and wasn’t prepared for the venomous rants from callers. They were vicious and they came from all over America.

I met with the boys later and got to watch her last show for Fox live, but to be honest I don’t remember much about it today. After the show we left for dinner at Jerry’s Deli in Studio City, one of our favorite hunts at the time.

So there you have it folks, my six degrees of separation from Joan Rivers and more information than you wanted.

Stay Human……


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